Text & Phone Response Solutions for Brokers

By pulling information directly from MLS records, we make it easy for your company and its agents to provide accurate information on properties by text message or over the phone. Leads from sign riders are tracked and can be accessed for follow up calls. Agents can set up notifications as new leads use the text or voice response solutions.

Text Response
When a potential client texts your number with a special keyword or short code they get an automated greeting with information about the particular property they are interested in. Agents can setup a keyword for all of their listings. When the home buyer texts the keyword they will receive a greeting asking for the house number of the property they wish to find more information about.

Phone Response
Potential home buyers can also call to get an automated voice greeting about the property. Agents can also set up their own personal greeting before listing information is read.

Sign Rider

All text messages and phone responses direct people back to your mobile website and mobile apps, increasing long-term engagement.

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