HomeSpotter – Augmented Reality Apps for Real Estate Brokers

House hunting just got easy. HomeSpotter is Mobile Realty Apps’ augmented reality technology that shows customers home listings simply by aiming their iPhone, iPad, or Android at homes or condo buildings.


What is Augmented Reality?
Augmented reality is a view of the real world environment whose elements are augmented by computer generated graphics.

How does HomeSpotter work?
HomeSpotter uses a technology called augmented reality coupled with a smartphone or tablet’s GPS and compass to overlay property information on a device’s live camera feed. As a home hunter points their smartphone or tablet down the street, they see a view of the street and info on all the houses for sale pops up. There’s even a radar display that show the direction and proximity of nearby properties for sale.

When would I use HomeSpotter?
HomeSpotter is a great tool for both agents and potential home buyers. Agents might use HomeSpotter to show their clients other properties for sale in the neighborhood. HomeSpotter is great for metro areas with condo buildings. In addition beach and lake front properties can be viewed while enjoying a day on the boat. These listings have no way to promote themselves with signs. HomeSpotter is the perfect answer for these listings and it is very fun to use.

Is HomeSpotter a separate app?
No, HomeSpotter is an included feature in the Mobile Realty Apps white-labeled app platform. You can find HomeSpotter at work in many of our partners’ smartphone and tablet applications.

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